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On July 14, 2023, Eldon released “Sweet Serenity.”

Eldon T Jones Sweet Serenity Artwork Cover

On May 27, 2022, Eldon released his first single on Side 2 Music “Captured by Love.” It charted for 17 weeks on the Top 100 at Smooth Jazz Network, reaching as high as #30, and charted for 18 weeks on the Top 100 on RadioWave, reaching as high as #32. “Captured by Love” also broke the Top 100 at Smooth Jazz Global (smoothjazz.com) and reached #27 on the Groove Jazz Chart.

Captured By Love Eldon T Jones

On October 25, 2021, Eldon released a radio single “T’s Jam.” He was elated to share it with the world because it captures the essence of his joyous personality and musicality. It’s a funky smooth jazz tune with a kick. The gospel organ lays the foundation before the band spirals into an all-out jam!

In 2015, Eldon’s good friend Ronnie Wright brought together some of Portland’s best soul singers and musicians to record Bespeak Love. Eldon was honored to be part of this project and was a co-writer and performer on the song “Love Will Find a Way.”

N’Touch is the beloved 2001 debut album of Eldon “T” Jones & N Touch back when the group simply were known as N’Touch. It features original contemporary jazz compositions with gospel, latin, and smooth jazz undertones. The songs “N’Touch” and “Rush Hour” have especially struck a chord with fans and have become theme songs over the years.

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