From Eldon "T" Jones
14 July 2023
Eldon T Jones Sweet Serenity

Sweet Serenity!

Eldon T Jones has done it again with his newest song, “Sweet Serenity!” He collabed with Side 2 Records leader and industry titan Darren Rahn again following the success of “T’s Jam” and their most recent musical endeavor, “Captured by Love.”

Side 2 Music is proud to present “Sweet Serenity” the brand new single from saxophonist Eldon T Jones. Get ready to be carried away by the soothing, soulful, and intoxicating sound of this romantic, groove-filled jam from this talented Portland-based instrumental crooner. Jones puts his best foot forward once again with a feel-good tune that will lift your day and calm your soul. It’s smooth like butter baby! Just sit back, relax, and unwind with Eldon T Jones and enjoy some “Sweet Serenity.”

~ Side 2 Music

How did “Sweet Serenity” come together?

Darren sent me a groove idea, and we developed it a little more. I started putting some melodic themes to the groove that sound really clean. It took about 2-3 weeks from the first idea to when the song was mostly done. We recorded in Denver, and Darren asked me about what I thought about different studio musicians. Having heard both Joel Del Rosario (guitar) and Mel Brown (bass) play, they were the perfect musicians for this particular track.

How did you come up with the title “Sweet Serenity”?

We thought of how we could we say the mood this song conveys, passionate but yet peaceful at the same time and relaxing, happy thoughts. We thought about “quiet storm” as title but landed on “Sweet Serenity.”

How do you visualize this song?

Chilling, being on the river, being on a boat, being out in nature enjoying life, but cool and peaceful.

How does it compare with your other compositions?

It’s a continuation of substantive, quality music, but also it reminds me that I’m moving, keeping the pace. I’m keeping a pace in a good direction musically and creatively.

What did you think of the note that the song is a bit reminiscent of “Take Me There” by Grover Washington, Jr?

“Sweet Serenity” does remind me of one of my main musical heroes Grover Washington, how he delivers and creates a mood.

Listen to “Sweet Serenity” now!

Sweet Serenity (4:18)
ISRC: QZ-MEM-23-18014
Written by Eldon Jones & Darren Rahn
Eldon T Jones Music/BMI Odipantz Music/ASCAP
Produced & Mixed by Darren Rahn
Mastered by Joe Yannece at Park Street Mastering

Eldon T Jones – Tenor Saxophone
Joel Del Rosario – Guitar
Mel Brown – Bass
Darren Rahn – Keys, Synths, Programming
®© 2023 Side 2 Music. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction of this recording is prohibited by law.
Photo by Nehemiah Booker

“Sweet Serenity” was featured on Smooth Jazz Therapy.

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