From Eldon "T" Jones
18 June 2022
Eldon T Jones LaRhonda Steele Juneteenth Portland

Juneteenth Celebration Concert with LaRhonda Steele at Alberta Rose Theatre

Saxophonist Eldon T Jones and singer LaRhonda Steele shared the stage on Saturday, June 18, 2022, at Alberta Rose Theatre to evoke the joy of emancipation. The whole African-American songbook was open for this concert to the crowd’s delight! Emmett Wheatfall performed poetry on his own and with the music during one song. Alberta Rose holds a special place in Eldon’s heart as a place he remembers watching kung fu movies with his father as a child and later in his youth as a church his uncle pastored before it eventually became Alberta Rose Theatre.

Anthony Jones – Drums
Eldon T Jones – Tenor Saxophone
Ruby “Blue” Jones – Vocals
Steve McCoy – Keyboard (in his first public performance in Portland)
LaRhonda Steele – Vocals
Mark Steele – Keyboard
Linda Tellis-Kennedy – Vocals
Torry Ward – Bass

Eldon and LaRhonda have previously performed together including a sold-out Valentine’s Day concert and at the annual MLK Tribute.

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